Villeneuve Andalusians

Breeders of the Pure Race Espagnole horse

About us
Villeneuve Andalusians - "Breeding for quality and excellence - its not just any PRE horse - its a Villeneuve PRE horse - experience the difference"

The Pure Race Espagnole (PRE), one of the most ancient breeds of horse in the world and the foundation of many other breeds of horse. Situated in the Poitou Charentes in France, our horses have been carefully selected from some of the best breeders in Spain - for their temperament, morphology and their true characteristics to the breed standard.

With years of experience in many equestrian fields (show-jumping, racing, hunting) and qualifications for instruction (BHS Int SM and NVQ Assessment), a chance ride on a beautiful PRE stallion during instruction in classical dressage ignited the passion that led us to start breeding these amazing horses. Now we combine decades of experience and horsemanship with a never-ending dream to develop and produce top quality horses. 

Over the last few years we have worked towards selecting reproductive stock that represents the true to type , traditional PRE - with baroque characteristics, functionality and correct morphological features. Our stallions have the movement, the morphology and the type that make them an ideal choice for our mares.

We are passionate about the horses that we produce. Whether the horse will be used for competitions, or for leisure only, we attach the same importance to the selection process. After morphology and temperament, the bloodlines are incredibly important - to preserve and produce a particular type and to know what works.

Our mares are the heart and foundation of Villeneuve Andalusians. They have been very carefully selected for their temperament, morphology and bloodlines. We believe that they are some of the best that the breed has to offer - most of them are proven, their offspring can be seen and have been extremely successful in competition and also as general leisure horses. If you are looking for a future dressage horse or for a lifelong friend for pleasure and fun, our mares can provide what you are looking for. Some of their foals are for sale.

Raised in this beautiful region in France, known for the fertile soil, rich in minerals, the area is the 2nd place in France to receive the most hours of sunshine after the south coast - a micro climate. The spanish horses thrive here because it is closest to their native Spain.

Our Pure Race Espagnole foals will come with their full papers and ANCCE passports - also with french ownership papers from Haras Nationaux. They will be ready to leave their mothers at approximately 6 months old. All of our foals are regularly wormed, have their feet attended to by the farrier, receive initial vaccinations shortly after birth (to include tetanus), are well handled and socialised.
You can make a reservation at any time for one of our foals with a deposit. We supply you with a sales contract and you are welcome to visit your foal regularly (or we will supply updates and photos if you are far away from us).

Our aim is to breed for and excellence - the prices of our foals and horses reflect our investments we have made into the best foundation stock that we have to breed with, our vision to produce PRE horses of a very high quality and our time and passion devoted to every last detail - the care, management, correct paperwork etc.

We are very happy with every foal that we breed - all of them possess the potential for a great future in competition, for reproduction or simply for leisure and sports. However, if you are looking for something in particular, please let us know because we will be very happy to guide you in making your choice amongst our foals - we know the parents and their ancestry very well and this is reflected in their very individual characters. 
We have many satisfied customers who say that our foals and horses are wonderfully well mannered, well grown and have super characters. If you are looking for a lifetime companion, or for a horse for competition, our foals are an ideal choice.

When we say "experience the difference, what exactly do we mean? 

After the selection process and the arrival of our foals, we are responsible for their handling, until they are at least 6 months old and often after that, depending on when they will go to their new homes.

We like to make sure that they can react well in ANY new situation, even if they haven't previously encountered it. This is not de-sensitization, this is all about teaching them how to think for themselves and to learn the best way to react to anything in their environment.

Moving towards and then remaining stationary at the mounting block is a lesson that can never begin too early and one that everyone appreciates because there is nothing worse than not being able to mount your horse easily!

This 4 year old stallion has mastered this lesson perfectly (although here in this video he does also have more to learn as he moves away once mounted - a lesson which he has also now mastered just a few months later.)

Lessons are tailored very much to the individual horse - they all have very different characters and learn differently. This is something we recognise and work with.

Loading is always extremely important - the groundwork lessons that they have learned from a young age are invaluable as a good preparation for this.

When they can react confidently in new situations, walking into a lorry or trailer is not something that worries our horses, they calmly accept it.