Villeneuve Andalusians

Breeders of the Pure Race Espagnole horse


Born: 2017
Colour: Black
Genetic: ggEeaaCC
Sire: Fechero (1.67)
Dam: Espora IV (1.62)
Height: 1.63

Tall, elegant black colt. Gt Grand son of Oleaje, Athens 2004 dressage silver medallist with Romero Benitez/Granda Losada origins. The last colt from a prestigious line of horses, he is being retained for our stud.

The last colt from a very prestigious line from his mother, he combines the modern day PRE horse for dressage with his paternal origins. 

He has very precise, extended movement, with a true athleticism and power that is evident despite his young age. He has a very generous and friendly character, very sensible to all the training that he has received which we hope will pass on to his foals in the future.