Villeneuve Andalusians

Breeders of the Pure Race Espagnole horse


We have some wonderful clients and we value the feedback that we have received - and of course, the homes that they offer to our horses.

"and there is another thing we ought to tell you: everybody over here praises you! just from the behaviour of Encantado everybody says that you must lead a very, very, unusual good breeding centre! Far better than anything they experienced before, especially with spanish horses...and we just agree completely!
Your other horses there are of good character too - for the same reason: you give them a home instead of just a stable both of you made a place on earth where things are as they should be...and this is just great and deserves praise so everybody knows it"

Anna & Harald, Germany


" I would like to say how impressed I am with your horses and how they are reared. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending your stud to anyone."

"Je recommande aussi Megan à qui j'ai acheté 2 superbes poulinières"  VF, France 

"Mercî beaucoup pour tout! Nous sommes très content de vous avoir rencontré. Cela fait plaisir de voir encore des gens passionnés comme vous!"

" True Love and dedication"

"One of the most professional and caring breeders of the PRE horse in France, I have one of her foals, exceptional quality and class. 100% recommended knowledgeable, caring with horses that are beautiful, have beautiful movement and kind characters, what more can you ask for?"

"Tres bon chevaux... "        MV, France

"He has taken everything in his stride, he is an absolute pleasure to deal with, I am loving looking after him and my son spends a lot of time with him alone and I have no worries. He is very vocal when he sees us, always waits for my son coming off the school bus to say hello !!  My friends are all very smitten with him.

Thanks again Megan,"

Louise , UK


"Once more thank you for this wonderful opportunity of buying Director from you and I did not regret my decision for any second. I love him!! 
Thank you!! My dream came true and he is sooooo much more than I even expected!! He is beautiful and I am totally in love with him!!! He is much more beautiful then from the pictures!!! The transport people were very very nice and decent, very good people who know what they are doing. I will assure you he will have a very nice and permanent home with me!!!

Froukje, The Netherlands


" What was so nice about riding Fechero today is how normal for his age he felt. He didn't adopt the 'outline' people are obsessed with these days he just looked natural and correct for his level of schooling. He didn't feel heavy in the hands or too light, he wasn't over bent he just felt like a 5 year old who needs schooling. This is what I've waited 9 months to find. Credit to Villeneuve Andalusians for giving his ridden education the best start possible. Very happy in deed!"

Update several months later after purchase: " I'm so pleased with Fechero, he was backed at Villeneuve stud and their work shines through! "

BH, England